The Netherlands Diary/Նիդ.օրագիր

The Netherlands Diary/Նիդ.օրագիր
The Netherlands Diary

Friday 4 May 2018

European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy

- EAFJD  April 2018                                            Newsletter #4

April : A Month of Struggle for Justice 

Belgian deputies against Azerbaijani political
abuse of Interpol

Belgian deputies signed a declaration condemning the political abuse of Interpol by Azerbaijan and regretting that the Azerbaijani authorities requested an international arrest warrant against EAFJD President Kaspar Karampetian. In the declaration they stated that imposing total isolation on the people of Nagorno Karabakh breaches their fundamental rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and it is not a constructive method of conflict settlement.  Read  more here

  Situation in Armenia: EAFJD's declaration on the 22nd of April

A day before  Serzh Sargsyan's resignation, the EAFJD issued a statement on the developments in Armenia . The EAFJD called on the authorities to ensure public safety and health by applying the law in a fair manner and to release all the detainees of peaceful demonstrations among which the Members of the  National Assembly of Armenia.  Read more here 
Arrest warrant against journalist Hayko Bağdat for insulting Erdoğan
European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy supports  the Armenian-Turkish journalist Hayko Bağdat, yet another victim of Article 299 of the Turkish penal code according to which insulting the president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a crime and anybody who does so can  be condemned to up to 4 year of prison.  Read more
Commemoration of the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
The commemoration of the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide took place on April 24 in Brussels. Members of the Armenian community of Belgium,  numerous Belgian political figures  as well as representatives of various organisations were present at the ceremony. Read more here
Screening dedicated to the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
On the initiative of CDCA Belgique  (Comité de la Défense de la Cause Arménienne de Belgique), the screening of the documentary  “Women of 1915” by the filmmaker Bared Maronian was organized on the 27th of April, in the Armenian Cultural Center of Brussels “Hay Doun”․
Caviar diplomacy: report oncorrupted European MPs of PACE 
An independent Investigate Body published a report on the corruption within the  Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), where it is announced that a group of former and acting PACE MPs work in favour of Azerbaijan in exchange of gifts and money. Read more here 

Two years since the April war in Artsakh

Two years have passed since Azerbaijan launched a military aggression against Artsakh Republic and committed war crimes against Armenian civilians.
The EAFJD calls on the European Commission, the European Parliament and Council of the European Union to fully support the OSCE Minsk Group's confidence building measures and to put a pressure in order to accelerate the implementation of the ceasefire investigative mechanism on the borders between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan. 
Read more

 Armenian National Assemblyratifie s the CEPA agreement with the EU

"The ratification of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) by the National Assembly of Armenia will be positively perceived in Europe and it should encourage the member states that have not ratified it yet to do so. We do not expect any obstacles regarding this procedure", said the  EAFJD communication officer Harout Chirinian. Read more here

Office of the Armenian National Committee inaugurated in Lebanon

On the occasion of the inauguration of the office of Armenian National Committee of Lebanon (ANCL), we congratulate the newly appointed staff and wish them a successful start and new achievements. Click here
The  European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (EAFJD) is an umbrella organization with members in 14 European countries and represents a significant part of the Armenian diaspora in Europe.​

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