The Netherlands Diary/Նիդ.օրագիր

The Netherlands Diary/Նիդ.օրագիր
The Netherlands Diary

Wednesday 24 November 2021

AGBU Europe Newsletter - November 2021


November 2021       
AGBU Organizes Open Forum for Artsakh Minister of State Artak Beglaryan
On November 11, 2021, Artsakh’s Minister of State Artak Beglaryan visited AGBU’s Central Office in New York to meet with members of the Central Board and engage in an open forum with young professionals in the Greater NY Armenian community. Accompanied by special advisor David Akopyan, who has spent decades working in the United Nations on development and security, Beglaryan arrived to share a strategy for the next chapter in Artsakh’s more
Panel of Journalists
in Milan Share Experience of War in Artsakh


On 12 November 2021, in Milan, a panel of five Italian journalists gave a presentation about their experience of the 44-day Artsakh war to a restricted public of political figures and journalists. Organized by AGBU Milan in collaboration with Stampa Estera Milano, the event entitled "Nagorno Karabakh- Testimonianze ad un anno dalla fine della guerra” gathered the following journalists: Daniele Bellocchio, Gian Micalessin, Filippo more

AGBU Germany Supports Promotion of Book on Silent Crimes of Azerbaijan
AGBU Yeria Alumna from Munich Ashkhen Arakelyan presented in Berlin her book on the testimonies of Armenian war prisoners during the 2020 Artsakh war.
Entitled "Sadistic Pleasures - Silent Crimes of Azerbaijan", the event took place in the premises of the Armenian Church Community in more
Mentoring momentum in Armenia - updates from EUDiF on its Partnership with AGBU Europe
The European Union Global Diaspora Facility (EUDiF) recently published an article on the impact of its partnership with AGBU Europe through AGBU’s Women Entrepreneurship (WE) programme. The article reflects on the 14 mentoring sessions held by 14 diaspora experts in the course of the past months, attended by over 140 women entrepreneurs in more
In the latest AGBU webtalk, Dr. Houri Berberian gives an interesting account of the introduction of girls’ schools in Armenian communities in Iran. While schools for boys existed as early as the seventeenth century, girls did not have access to formal education until the arrival of protestant missionaries, whose particular brand of education soon prompted the establishment of locally sponsored schools for girls throughout Armenian
Articles in French by AGBU in NAM
Nouvelles d'Arménie Magazine

Santé Arménie : un bilan à la hauteur de ses ambitions


- Les beaux jours de la colonie de vacances


- L’UGAB Europe: L’exposition de photographie en plein air sur la guerre en Artsakh

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Lecture - Fridtjof Nansen
and the European Plight of Statelessness in the Interwar Period
9 December, 2021

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