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Saturday 4 December 2021

A Collection of Mind-Boggling Historic Photos We Simply Can’t Wrap Our Heads Around


The Grid Girl
If you aren’t much into car racing then you might have never heard of the term ‘grid girls’ and just how important they were for car racing.
Grid girls were mostly supermodels who got hired to do the promotional work, take part in advertisements, as well as hold umbrellas for the drivers while they were waiting for the race to begin. Most drivers wore tight leather suits and it was important for them to maintain healthy body temperature before the start of the race.
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Of course, companies always preferred to hire striking women as grid girls. In the photo, you can see Carol Lang posing for a photo in front of her boyfriend's drag car in the '70s. She was dating Gary Dyer of Dyer's Blowers.

The Mark Twain Tree

This is not the first gigantic tree on this list, but we had to add this photo as it is simply mind-blowing how such a huge tree even existed on Earth. The Mark Twain Tree, which used to be located in the Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park, is now just a huge stump.As the story goes, it was hard to travel and see this amazing gigantic tree in its natural habitat, so some geniuses decided to cut it down and show it in American and British museums. Such a pity!
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This 1,500-year-old beauty was cut down by the Army back in 1891, and we sincerely hope humanity has become much more environment-friendly since then.

When Mona Lisa Went Travelling

It’s so weird to see the famous masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci out of the Louvre – it seems that the painting has been there forever! But despite what we may think, there was a time in Mona Lisa’s history when the painting went for a short trip.During WWII precious paintings like Mona Lisa were taken out of museums and placed in various chateaus and abbeys. But they didn’t stay in just one place, there were constantly on the move to be even safer!
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This photo captures Mona Lisa coming back to the Louvre Museum after a lengthy trip over several castles, chateaus, and abbeys until she finally reached home in 1945.
This article was originally written for our site: yourdailyscience.comHistory may have seemed boring when we were studying it at schools and universities – all those books and descriptions simply weren’t good enough to truly feel what it was like living in a different era. But then photography came into play!Now we have thousands of amazing historical photos that have captured all kinds of amazing things ranging from Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress scene to acrobats performing stunts on top of the Empire State Building.
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And now that we can see everything with our own eyes, history seems the most fascinating thing in the world! Here’s a collection of weird, beautiful, and simply breathtaking photos taken throughout human history.

A Macabre Creation

If you’re wondering how people used to have fun in Alaska more than 100 years ago, well, here’s the answer – they made snowmen! Just like everywhere else in the world, when you have an abundance of snow and some free time, this is what you would do.Still, it was the year 1902 and the whole atmosphere of this shot seems just too creepy. This snowman, built standing on Muir Glacier in Alaska, looks nothing like the sweet and cute figures we like to build these days, using a carrot for a nose and some buttons.
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This is like a huge creepy man that just happens to be made out of snow! And those empty eyes seem to be staring right into your soul.

The Grizzly Giant

If you think that gigantic trees exist only in legends and fairy tales, well, here’s the proof that they exist in the real world as well. If you take a close look at this photo, you will notice tiny people on horses under the huge tree.
The U.S. cavalry soldiers posed for this photo in 1900, commemorating the giant tree for generations to come. And it still stands today!
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You can find this huge tree, named the Grizzly Giant, in the Yosemite National Park. The tree is 209 feet tall (around 63 m) and is one of the most famous giant sequoia trees in the park. Its exact age is unknown, but it’s estimated to be around 3,000 years old.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is still one of the greatest engineering marvels ever created – it’s just so iconic! Built in 1889, the Eiffel Tower has been standing for decades virtually unaffected by the passing seasons with rains and sun constantly influencing the metal.
It’s not that the Eiffel Tower was completely unaffected by corrosion, but its creator, Gustave Eiffel, has thought everything through and created a schedule of repaints that would protect the tower’s metal from oxidization.
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You may be surprised to find out that the tower gets repainted every 7 years. Yes, that’s quite a lot! And due to the tower’s structure, the job has to be done manually – one of such painting jobs is captured in this photo that was taken in 1924.

Marilyn Monroe’s Moment

There is hardly anyone in the world who hasn’t at least heard the name of Marilyn Monroe – she’s one of the most iconic female celebrities of the century and a woman that has created her very own distinct style that is now followed by many.
This photo captures one of the most iconic moments in pop culture history when Marilyn Monroe stood on top of a subway grate and let her dress get blown up into the air.
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But not many people know that it was a real spectacle with thousands of fans watching her create this amazing scene. It was made to create even more hype around the actress, and it worked!

The Beginning of the Atomic Age

Three weeks before the Little Man and the Fat Man bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, obliterating thousands of lives and turning the two cities into dust, there was an atomic bomb test the marked the beginning of the Atomic Age as we know it.
An atomic bomb called The Gadget was an implosion device developed for the Trinity test that was conducted 100 miles from New Mexico. At that time, the engineers had no idea how the whole thing would work – some even estimated that the bomb could ignite the Earth’s atmosphere.
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As the bomb was dropped in the middle of the desert, the shockwave was felt 100 miles away from the place of the bombing. It was then and there when Oppenheimer remembered the famous line from the Hindu sacred text, Bhagavad Gita: “Now I am Become Death, the destroyer of worlds”.

Trick or Treat?

Just imagine going down the street and meeting this spooky fella on the night of Halloween. We would have run away faster than lighting!
Well, back in the day they definitely knew a thing or two about creepy costumes and weird designs – most of the vintage photos of Halloween we see on the web are beyond spine-chilling. But this person went as far as taking a photo of their unique pumpkin-inspired design!
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Of course, we are grateful for this because otherwise, we would have never seen what spooky Halloween costumes people wore hundreds of years ago. But now we know, and this can’t be unseen.

The Easter Island Statues

There’s hardly a person on planet Earth who hasn’t seen the mysterious statues of the Easter Island. They are considered one of the later wonders of the ancient world and still pose as many questions as 100 years ago when they were first discovered.
Historians believe that humans inhabited the Rapa Nui Island (also known as the Easter Island) as far back as 1200 BC. They still have no idea how they build these huge statues that just seem impossible for that era!
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Archaeologists believe the statues were built around 1,000 AD, but that doesn’t really explain how it was technologically possible. Imagine their surprise, when they started digging up the heads of the Easter Island statues and uncovered they actually had bodies underneath!

Circus is… Fun?

Circus has been around for hundreds of years. It is believed that Phillip Astley, a former Cavalryman, started the whole era of the modern-day circus when he built a circular amphitheatre and opened up the first circus in Europe.
While the idea might have seemed fresh at the time, it was far from original. Different types of circuses have existed for as long as humanity needed some entertainment: the Chinese juggled, various African cultures did acrobatic dancing routines, and Ancient Greeks had rope dancing.
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Well, Astley put all those ancient entertaining practices together, added some amazing horse riding stunts that he knew himself, and created something truly enjoyable. In the photo, you can see a contortionist from the 1900s balancing just using his teeth.

Chilling on Top of the World

If you know anything about the history of furniture, then you’ve probably heard about Michael Thonet and his No. 14 chair. Well, it’s not the chair that was so remarkable, but the bentwood technique the designer created to make it.
The bentwood technique revolutionized furniture manufacture, and the chair you see in the photo has become one of the most recognized 19th-century chair designs.
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Of course, the inventor of the world-famous chair had no idea it would be used for such a unique and spine-chilling balancing act on the rooftop of a building. We feel vertigo just looking at this photo!

The Drowned Mona Lisa

No one knows what really happened to this girl nicknamed The Unknown Woman of Seine, but what we do know is that her posthumous facial expression became a real object d’art back in the late 19thcentury.
Think it’s a bit too macabre? Well, maybe the fascination with death isn’t as big these days as it used to be, but when it comes to art – nothing is too weird or too frightening. As the legend goes, the unknown young woman drowned in the Seine, hence the name, but her after-death face expression was so divine that someone ordered a plaster cast of it.
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Soon, the souvenir shops all over France were selling copies of her posthumous face. And not only France but the rest of Europe was fascinated with her as well!

The Bear Man

If you think Arctic exploration is a feat worthy of a hero, well, then you are right. Peter Freuchen, the man in the photo wearing a polar bear coat, is not just an explorer, journalist, and anthropologist, but a real survivor as well.
Once he got trapped inside a cocoon of ice during one of his Arctic expeditions and had to make a tool out of his own frozen feces to get out – a survival trick he learned from the Inuit tribe. After that, he had to crawl for several miles to reach his base camp.
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In the photo, you can see Peter Freuchen posing with his wife, Dragmar Cohn, a fashion illustrator who worked for Vogue. The two seem to be quite an impressive pair and the photo captures just how weird and beautiful they look together.

A Monowheel

If you think that driving a four-wheel vehicle is somehow too boring and safe for you, then you can always switch to a bike and get your adrenaline going. But for some engineers even that wasn't dangerous enough!
A Swiss engineer named M. Gerder came up with a 'brilliant' idea to create a Motorwheel - a vehicle with just one wheel that had the driver perched inside this very risky-looking construction. Naturally, this design wasn't accepted too well as it was just too dangerous to drive something like this.
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But we have to admit, this Motorwheel does look kind of cool! It's quite a futuristic design, but you'd be surprised to find out that it was created in 1931.

The Most Famous Kiss in History

Usually, when we think of kisses, we imagine something very pleasant - like a kiss between two people who are in love or a kiss between a mother and a child. The last thing we imagine when we think of kisses is two Socialist leaders sharing a smooch.
Yet this is exactly what happened back in the day when members of Socialist parties met for various events. It was a form of greeting the historians now call 'the Kremlin kiss'.
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On the photo you can see a picture of a graffiti made by Dmitri Vrubel on the Berlin Wall in 1990. It depicts a world-famous photo of Erick Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev sharing a kiss back in 1979.
Humpty-Dumpty Sat on the Wall
How about some Halloween costumes from the 1900s? We realize that things were a little bit different more than 100 years ago, but looking at the way people dressed for Halloween and other festivities really makes all those differences very obvious.
But they liked to dress in weird and freaky costumes just as much as we do today! It’s just that their imagination worked in a different way and they came up with looks that would be considered creepiness overload today.
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This one is not all that creepy, but it just looks so unusual! If you’ve read Alice in Wonderland then you know the character of Humpty-Dumpty. Today no one would even think of dressing as that character! We love it so much.

Female Samurais

When talking about samurais we usually imagine those fierce male warriors from feudal Japan who were exceptionally skilled swordsmen with razor-sharp katanas. Well, not many know that there were female warriors as well!
Historians don’t talk about them much because most of them have never heard about them. And yet, those were skilled female martial artists, known as onna-bugeisha, who were part of the Japanese nobility.
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Long before the samurai even emerged as a class, women were trained in houses all over Japan the art of tantoujutsu and how to use naginata. Empress Jingu was one of the most prominent female warriors in the history of Japan, who used her skills to promote the economic growth of her country.

The Times Square Kiss

Kissing is one of the most intimate things that happens between two people who are in love. But sometimes people are so overtaken with emotions that they kiss each other despite the huge crowd of people walking down the street.
This is one of the most famous kisses in history as it marked the end of WWII - on the day when Japan announced about its surrender, a sailor went down the street and, overfilled with joy, kissed a nurse he met out in the street. They were complete strangers!
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Alfred Eisenstaedt, a journalist and a photographer, happened to be right there at that very moment, yielding a Leica camera. He captured the couple kissing and it became one of the most memorable photos of the century!
The Statue of Liberty's Head
The Statue of Liberty is such a well-known landmark that we don't expect to see anything striking or unusual on it. But there's one detail most people never notice, simply because they can never get a look at it - it's the head of the Statue of Liberty!
The photo was taken from the top of the Statue of Liberty's flame back in 1930, which has been closed to the public for decades because of an explosion on an island nearby.
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And if you're wondering what are those waves on the head of the Statue of Liberty - that's her hair! This photo, offering a look at the Statue of Liberty from such a peculiar angle, is really one of a kind.

John Travolta and the Princess

We all remember Princess Diana with great fondness, but not many people realize that she was acquainted with John Travolta, who got famous back in the day playing one of the leading roles in the musical Grease.
This photo was taken in 1985, when the First Lady Nance Raegan, wife of President Raegan, organized a party at the White House and invited Princess Diana and Prince Charles to mingle with the Hollywood crowd.
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Travolta remembers how Nance Raegan asked him to dance with Princess Diana as she was a big fan of Grease, and so he invited her for a dance. According to John Travolta, he was very nervous, but the Princess seemed to be on cloud nine.

A Kiss We Do Not Miss

Kissing is one of the most natural things in the world when it comes to people who love each other. But sometimes two people come together who have no relation to each other whatsoever and seeing them kiss becomes quite a cringe-worthy experience.
We don't want to sound judgmental or anything, but seeing two members of Socialist party sharing a big smooch is not something we would like to see every day. Or any day, for that matter.
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Yet this is exactly what happened in Socialist countries back in the day! Sharing a welcoming smooch was no biggie, in fact, it was a sign of a certain level of relationship between different members of the Socialist parties. The smooch was accompanied with three traditional hugs. This is the very photo that inspired a famous graffiti on the Berlin Wall.
Perfectly Timed Photos That Made Us Laugh Out Loud
When we think about sports and athletes ‘clumsy’ isn’t necessarily the first word that comes to mind. After all, both male and female athletes train hard to prepare their bodies for all kinds of games and challenges. Still, in sports, like in so many things, awkward moments happen on a regular basis.
The same goes for everyone else! When the time is right and the angle is perfect, photographers create real wonders that look like special effects, illusions, or the funniest fails ever. These perfectly timed photos are the most amazing thing you will see today.

42. Summer Style

Some photos have perfect timing, while other shots reveal the magic of perfect angles. Then there are photos like this that have both in perfect balance!
This might very well be the cutest summer clothes concept we’ve ever seen. Dressing in fruit seems like so much fun!
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If you ever want to make your beach photos look cute and unique – this is one way to do it. Experimenting with fruit is both exciting and tasty because you get to eat all of them afterwards.

41. Splash!

Just looking at this photo gives us the chills! This is cool in so many ways. We don’t know what happened to the little boy, whether it was a prank or a carefully planned photo session.
He seems totally relaxed and looks kind of mischievous underneath all that water! Still, it must have been quite a surprise to experience a cold splash like that.
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This pic is a real masterpiece if you want our opinion. It’s hard to make such a precise beautiful shot even if you know what’s about to happen. This is pure art!

40. Where Do Babies Come From

So, do you remember that cute story some parents tell their kids about where babies come from? The one that involves storks bringing babies to the future parents.
Well, apparently, there might be some truth to it judging by this photo! It seems that this cute baby was delivered right into the loving hands of a father.
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Can you imagine the timing of this shot? It’s a coincidence of cosmic proportions and the photographer was there to capture it on cam. This is really amazing!

39. A Moment Too Perfect to be True

There are many reasons why we like watching sports - it's intense, it's fun, and you can get an adrenaline rush just by watching the game! But sometimes we get more than we bargained for...
When the stars align and sports gods are in a good mood we get to see something truly beautiful - like this perfect moment caught on camera!
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Photographers are quite amazing at what they do, don't you think? Not only do they have to be attentive, but they also need to have a good reaction. It's one thing to spot the perfect moment, but one should also be able to capture it. Kudos to the photographer who took this shot!

38. Curious Snake

Snakes are among the most peculiar animals. Some people can’t stand them, while others love them and keep them as pets.
Then there are those people who find them fascinating and want to take a closer look without actually owning one. This woman probably wanted to make a cool selfie with this huge snake, but things didn’t go as planned.
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The snake got curious, too! It’s hard to say whether it was trying to get friendly or viewed the woman as a kind of huge prey, but we certainly wouldn’t want to be in her shoes!

37. Timing is Everything

When it comes to photography you must remember the two most important things - angle and timing. If you have perfected these two skills, then you're doomed to become a real pro at catching the best moments ever.
But one simply doesn't work without the other! You may have the perfect angle, but if the photo is taken at the wrong moment - it'll be just very dull. Nothing to remember!
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But when, like in this photo, you have mastered both the right moment and the best angle - then the magic of a perfectly captured shot happens. It's real art!

36. Something Fishy's Going On

It's hard to surprise anyone with a cat picture these days, but this one is an entirely different matter. We all know that cats are mysterious creatures and this shot is the proof of that!
Some people might say that it's just a pic of a cat caught in the middle of sneezing, but can we really be so sure? This cat is in the middle of something, that's for sure.
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Only the photographer knows what happened next! Did the cat return to its normal state... or did it remain like this?

35. A Big Splash Will Happen in 3… 2… 1…

Is there anything better than jumping fully dressed into a muddy pond on a hot summer day? You don’t think so? Well, apparently this girl was craving to feel the coolness of water so much that she didn’t care whether it was clean or dirty.
We can all agree that the photo is a true masterpiece. It catches the girl mid-air with her one foot barely touching the water. We know what’s about to happen, but we still don’t see it, so the picture leaves us wondering about the outcome of the jump.
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We just hope the girl in the photo was happy after what she did! Because it does seem like a pretty shallow and muddy little pond.

34. Out of the Blue

If you’ve ever tried to photograph a storm you know how hard it is to catch a bolt of lightning. The camera settings are very specific and even knowing all that you might wait for a long time before you can actually capture a flash of lightning.
This here is not just any lightning – it hit the Statue of Liberty right in the torch! This might be a one-of-a-kind moment that happens only once in a lifetime, still, the photographer managed to catch it.
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Even the lightning itself seems like it came out of nowhere – there’s just a small cloud hanging above the Statue of Liberty, nothing more!

33. Keep Your Head in the Right Place

It’s easy to lose your cool under the pressure of various sports competitions, but losing your head is an entirely different level.
Seriously, though, this shot is taken at such a perfect moment that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t Photoshopped!
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Is it even possible to bend your neck like this? This gymnast must have amazing flexibility!

32. Flying is Fun...or Not?

Getting on a plane and going somewhere you've never been before can be such an exciting experience. But what if your whole plane was cursed?
At least, that's probably what this girl was thinking looking at the "Devil's number" 666 painted right behind her seat. No wonder she wanted to scream (and maybe she actually did judging by the photo).
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Well, we wouldn't blame her for trying to run away from this plane altogether. This stuff is scary!

31. The Perfect Couple

Don’t you just love watching cats together? They can play, fight, have fun, run around, or simply hang out with each other and it seems like the most natural thing in the world.
Sometimes the cats are such a perfect match that you can even see it in a photo. This couple of cute red kitties seems to be a match made in heaven – their heart-shaped tails are proof of that!
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It’s almost impossible to plan a photo like this, so the photographer was really lucky to catch this shot. Cats are beautiful animals and we could look at them all day long.

30. The Surreal Masterpiece

It’s hard to believe we’re looking at an actual photo and not a staged masterpiece of some surrealist photographer. Because we can’t imagine someone would deliberately create such an eerie composition!
A burning car and what seems to be a group of moose taking a bath in a small pool – what on Earth is happening in this picture?
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Maybe it’s better if we don’t know. But this could be a setting of some weird art-house movie – it would make David Lynch proud, that’s for sure.

29. That’s One Heavy Ball

That ball must weigh a ton if the athlete throwing it made such a face.
We bet he threw it all the way out of the field!
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The world may not know this guy's name or even what type of sport this is, but thousands of people will remember his face forever!

28. The Heart of Fire

If you’ve ever watched a live fire show or simply observed a fire while camping, you know just how beautiful it is. Live fire can take many shapes, turning into birds, dragons, demons, and all kinds of fantastic creatures if you look long enough.
Here the photographer managed to capture a heart-shaped fire outburst performed by a fire dancer. It looks truly mesmerizing! And a little bit dangerous.
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But fear not, fire performers usually know what they’re doing, following a set of rules and safety measures that keep them healthy and in one piece.

27. Skeleton Water Warriors

Synchronized lady swimmers are a tough bunch. Just look at them all dressed in skeleton suits, jumping out of the water like some kind of ninjas!
They must be training like real warriors to prepare for these performances.
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Just look at the second woman - she must be super strong to flip her swimming partner like that! And the one in the air definitely has some superpowers.

26. He’s so Hungry!

Playing with perspective is one of the many ways to create fun and inventive illusions. This here is definitely one of the most hilarious we’ve seen lately!
The way the guy and the woman are positioned against each other creates the illusion that she is much smaller than him.
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The photographer behind this shot must have planned it beforehand for everything to look believable. The guy’s expression is also priceless!

25. The Contortionist

We all know synchronized swimming can be beautiful, but nothing really prepares you for what you see with your own eyes. It’s simply mind-bending!
This shot captured the very essence of water gymnastics and what it looks like up close. Can you believe this woman? This pose is impossible for most people on the planet, but she’s doing it like it’s a piece of cake.
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We can only applaud this gymnast and the team of synchronized swimmers that support her. This photo looks like a shot from some thrilling movie!

24. The Parrot Girl

Don’t you just love it when people play with angle and perspective when doing photography? You can come up with very creative solutions just by changing the angle of the camera!
Here we can see how the photographer managed to capture the perfect position of the bird that somehow merged with the woman’s head, creating a striking illusion.
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Is it a girl, is it a bird, or is it both? She looks like a beautiful fantastic creature or some kind of new superhero. It’s also a great idea for a bird-shaped mask for Halloween!

23. The Burning Man

This guy must have eaten lots of chilli peppers or jalapenos to produce such a fiery fart! But seriously, what is happening in this picture?
Maybe they were testing some kind of rocket equipment that created this spectacular fire? But then it’s hard to imagine what that man was doing there standing in front of it.
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If it was a carefully planned and timed photo, then we applaud the photographer. It would be even more amazing if the shot was taken by accident!

22. An Alien Arises

What’s a weird-looking alien doing in the pool? Oh, wait, that’s actually a swimmer emerging from the water.
But you have to admit this shot is priceless – the water looks like some kind of creepy gel and the swimmer looks anything but human!
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This perfectly timed shot looks like it belongs in a horror movie, and we can only applaud the photographer, who took it.

21. The Worst Day of His Life

Kids love pizza as much as adults do, probably even more. And who doesn’t, really? Pizza is one of the yummiest meals in the world that comes with delicious melted cheese and all kinds of toppings. All in all, pizza just makes you happy no matter what state you’re in.
Imagine this boy’s despair when the pizza he was so eagerly waiting to eat just fell to the ground face-down. There was simply no chance of saving even a single piece of it. This is devastating on so many levels!
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We just hope this kid’s parents were kind enough to buy him another one. It’s a very traumatizing experience losing a whole pizza like that!

20. The Awkward Jump

Even world-class athletes have weird moments when they perform.
Like with other celebs, photographers are there to capture their each and every funny expression!
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It's even tougher for the men and women who compete in Diving - photographers love taking photos of their expressions. No one can escape that!

19. Something Seems Off

This is one of those photos you need to look at twice to notice that something is wrong. It seems almost alright at first, doesn’t it?
But then you notice the proportions are a bit off, and there seem to be too many heads in the picture.
Введите описание картинки
Right, it’s a whole family! Well, it may be pretty obvious to some, but we certainly didn’t notice it at once. This shot ended up creating a hilarious illusion!

18. Casually Walking on the Water

Do you ever go to the swimming pool and there is always that one guy that starts walking on water the minute he gets some attention? No? Well, we neither, but it would have been really cool if it was possible in real life.
Walking on water would be so much fun! Still, you have to admit this is quite a genius shot.
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Despite not being able to actually step on water, this man created the illusion that he is standing right on top of the pool. Kudos to the photographer for taking such a unique shot!

17. The Instant Internet Meme Face

How to become an Internet meme in a matter of seconds? This guy can tell you how!
His face instantly got legendary as soon as this picture got online. We can easily see why!
Введите описание картинки
Still, we wonder whether he was alright after such a close encounter with a ball. That must have hurt!

16. Love is in the Air!

Are they fighting or are they dancing?
Seriously, though, you could never tell that the two of them are competing with each other – each guy has such a serene and peaceful expression!
Введите описание картинки
The photographer who took this photo was either a genius, or incredibly lucky. It's one of the best sports memes we've seen!

15. High Five, Bro!

Can you believe this shot is real? This huge dolphin jumping out of the water to touch the hand of a man casually passing by – it seems like an unbelievable coincidence!
Was this shot planned? Doesn’t seem like it because everyone in the photo is just doing their own things, including the guy that was walking past the water.
Введите описание картинки
This dolphin probably knows the man that is touching his nose in a friendly gesture. Anyway, it’s one of the best-timed shots we’ve ever seen!

14. Gotcha!

Looking at cats we often forget that they are real hunters with perfect skills to catch their prey. Well, it’s a bit different when we see big cats.
They look both gorgeous and dangerous, so no one has any doubt as to how agile and deadly they can be. This cheetah is the perfect example of that!
Введите описание картинки
Just look at that strong body caught in the jump! The cheetah’s open paw with claws seems like the deadliest weapon ever.

13. Diving is No Joke

Judging by the look on this diver’s face, Olympic diving is a tough sport!
There’s absolutely no way you can control your face in mid-air, and photographers are following your every step and crazy facial expression.
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What was this woman thinking while performing this jump? She definitely wasn't expecting to be photographed like this.

12. Timing is Everything

How do people even take shots like this? It’s amazing how far we’ve got from old film cameras to quick digital ones that can take multiple shots in a matter of seconds.
That’s probably how this photo was taken, but then there is the question about how everything was timed so well.
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And did the girl get hurt in the process? That ball seems quite heavy, and her glasses are flying away in the photo. This shot is truly amazing!

11. An Unusual Sail

Creating illusions that involve natural phenomena is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why such shots are so rare and beautiful!
Just look at this ship calmly sailing on the water with large moon crescent shining behind it. This shot alone would have been perfect, but the photographer made it even better.
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He timed the shot so the moon crescent would look like the ship’s sail! It looks beyond beautiful.

10. The Mermaid

This perfectly timed shot turned this gorgeous synchronized swimmer into a weird version of a mermaid, who is in the process of changing into a woman.
It’s like a shot from the movie! With a bit of a scary twist.
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But seriously, how do these photographers capture shots like this? It must have lasted for less than a second!

9. A Gatorade Shower

There’s no such thing as too much Gatorade when you’re a sportsman…or is it?
This coach got an actual Gatorade shower after his basketball team won the game.
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What a way to celebrate the victory! The photographer managed to catch the most stunning moment ever.

8. Feeling a Bit Lightheaded

What a moment to capture! A ball instead of the head? The photographer must have been a real magician to take a photo like that.
This could happen only in gymnastics where girls are flexible enough to perform this stunt.
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Kudos to the photographer for taking this shot!

7. A Shock of a Lifetime

What are these guys looking at? Did a monster jump right in front of them onto the field? Is there a train coming right at them?
Their faces are worthy of a horror movie. In fact, we believe actors wouldn't have done such a good job looking scared.
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This photo really makes us wonder what's happening on the field. It will a mystery for now!

6. Is There Something on My Head?

This guy looks totally confused, and we get it! His face is full of wonder and amazement as if he’s asking ‘How on Earth did I get here?’
Well, to tell you the truth, dude, we don’t know, but you must be a very cool athlete if you’re wearing another guy as your hat.
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Wrestling is a tough sport, but you could never tell looking at this guy. He almost seems relaxed!

5. The Ultimate Attack

Basketball is such a rough game. Just look at this guy trying to block the other player with the lowliest of all tricks – nose-picking!
These guys aren’t joking around, they are there to win.
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We can only imagine the amount of surprise the player on the left felt when this happened. The other guys must have been shocked, too!

4. Please, No!

Did you ever feel both helpless and disgusted at the same time?
We don’t know what this guy’s emotions were at the time this photo was taken, but his face looks exactly like that!
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Once again we see proof that diving is no joke. Judging by the faces of divers, it might be the toughest sport ever!

3. The Evil Witch

This swimmer looks like she’s performing some kind of a powerful spell.
Her face is menacing and water is splashing everywhere as if the spell is starting to work. She looks both funny and terrifying!
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Seriously, though, she could totally ditch swimming and go build an acting career. She would be an amazing actress!

2. The Perfect Angle

Can you imagine the perfect timing of these guys? And we aren’t talking about the photo, but the movements that seem to be choreographed like stunts in a movie!
Still, it all happened by accident and we can only hope that no one got injured in the process.
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That ball is just so close to the guy's head, and the other player is hitting it with his foot... This is definitely a recipe for disaster!

1. That Must Have Hurt a Lot!

Basketball can be such a traumatic sport! He got the ball through the basket, but the price was too high.
They do make those balls pretty heavy, you know.
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It's such a weird moment for the player - on one hand he got the ball into the basket, but on the other, his face got slammed. We feel you, bro!

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